POV 468 Rectangle 240
POV 468 Rectangle 200
POV 468 Rectangle 220
Ton P
POV 468 Rectangle 240
POV 468 Rectangle 200
POV 468 Rectangle 220
Ton P
P.O.V Collection

P.O.V. Table 468 rectangle - European Oak - By TON

SKU Name Availability
C125224355 100x240cm Lead Time: 20 weeks
C125224155 80x200cm Lead Time: 20 weeks
C125224255 90x220cm Lead Time: 20 weeks
Table top Length: 200cm / 220cm / 240cm
Table top Width: 80cm / 90cm / 100cm
Total Height: 106.5cm (Commercial Bar Height)
Base Length: 117.5cm / 137.5cm / 157.7cm
Base Width: 40cm
Base Material: Veneer
Table top Material: Solid European Oak
Manufacturer: TON
Made in: Czech Republic
Tear Sheet ()

Manufacturer: TON Designer: kaschkasch

Elevate Your Dining Space with the Timeless Elegance of the P.O.V. 468 Rectangle Dining Table by TON Czech Republic

Step into a world where artistry and innovation converge seamlessly to shape exceptional furniture pieces. The P.O.V. 468 Rectangle Wood Dining Table, meticulously crafted by TON, stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to surpassing expectations. With each meticulously curated detail, this 10-seater dining table becomes more than just a piece of furniture; it embodies both elegance and functional artistry. TON's journey from tradition to modernity is woven into every aspect of this creation, resulting in furniture that serves as a living testament to its legacy of excellence.

European Oak's Allure: Beauty and Resilience Unveiled in the P.O.V 468 Oak Dining Table

European Oak takes centre stage in the P.O.V. 468 Rectangle Dining Table, offering more than just visual appeal. This exquisite wood carries with it a tale of both beauty and resilience. Beyond its captivating aesthetics, European Oak's inherent strength guarantees the enduring presence of this oak dining table in your home. Its natural grains and warm tones infuse your living space with an inviting ambience, setting the stage for connections and conversations to thrive.

Heavily Rounded Corners of the 468 Rectangle Dining Table: Design That Inspires Unity

The P.O.V. 468 Rectangle Wood Dining Table stands out with its distinctive heavily rounded corners, a design choice that extends beyond aesthetics. These corners serve as a testament to the oak's inherent durability, promising to remain a cherished centrepiece for generations. Beyond structural integrity, these rounded corners evoke a sense of unity and grace, adding an artistic touch to the Scandinavian dining table's form. The elongated central base, a hallmark of the P.O.V. collection's modular design, enhances stability while infusing an artistic dimension.

Versatile Sizes to Suit Your Space: Tailored Dimensions of P.O.V Scandinavian Dining Table

The P.O.V. 468 Rectangle Dining Table not only offers a range of versatile sizes but also a generous seating capacity, making it an ideal choice for creating unforgettable dining experiences. Whether you opt for the expansive 100x240cm, the compact 80x200cm, or the balanced 90x220cm, each dimension brings its own unique charm to your dining area. With a seating capacity of ten, this 10-seater dining table becomes the heart of gatherings, fostering connections and conversations in a setting that's just right for you.

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