Merano Natural Oak Armchair White Pads
TON Pigment Finish A4 Landscape
TON Standard Finish Landscape
Merano Natural Oak Armchair White Pads
TON Pigment Finish A4 Landscape
TON Standard Finish Landscape
TON Natural Materials

Merano Armchair - Natural Oak - Upholstered Seat and Back - White - by TON

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Seat size: 47,5W X 39D
Seat height: 48cm
Overall height: 78cm
Armrest Height: 66cm to 72cm (measured 30cm up arm)
Overall width: 54cm
Colour: Natural Varnished B39
Frame Material: European Oak
Upholstry colour: White
Upholstry Category A Vinyl / Grain Bianco
Weight: 9.35KG
Designer: Alexander Gufler
Manufacturer: TON (Made in Czech Republic)
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Manufacturer: TON Designer: Alexander Gufler

Legacy and Craftsmanship Unveiled: Merano Armchair by TON

Step into a world of legacy and unparalleled craftsmanship with the Merano Armchair by TON, a distinguished furniture manufacturer hailing from the Czech Republic. With a rich heritage spanning decades, TON has garnered a reputation for producing exquisite pieces of furniture that stand the test of time. The Merano Armchair is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Exquisite Natural Oak: Unveiling Timeless Beauty

Immerse yourself in the allure of natural oak with the Merano Armchair. This exceptional piece of furniture is meticulously crafted from premium European oak, selected for its exceptional durability and breathtaking grain patterns. Each piece of oak is carefully sourced and skillfully shaped by TON's master craftsmen, ensuring that every detail of the armchair showcases the inherent beauty of this remarkable wood. The rich natural oak finish not only enhances the chair's aesthetics but also highlights the wood's warmth and natural elegance. 

Luxurious Comfort, Enduring Style: White Upholstered Seat and Back

Unwind in luxurious comfort with the Merano Armchair's exquisite white Italian-made vinyl upholstery. Meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality and luxurious feel, the upholstered seat and back of the armchair provides a soft and inviting surface to sink into. The Category A Vinyl / Grain Bianco adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design, creating a visual contrast against the natural oak frame. Crafted with precision and care, the upholstery seamlessly complements the chair's aesthetic while ensuring long-lasting durability. The white upholstery also offers a versatile canvas, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate the armchair into various design styles and colour schemes. 

Seating Refined for Perfection

The Merano Armchair is thoughtfully designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seating experience that surpasses expectations. Its ergonomic shape and carefully contoured lines provide optimal support for your body, allowing you to relax and unwind in ultimate comfort. The upholstered seat and back not only enhance the visual appeal of the chair but also add an extra layer of coziness and relaxation. Sink into the plush comfort of the seat, let the backrest envelop you, and feel the cares of the day melt away. With its versatility and refined aesthetics, the Merano Armchair effortlessly elevates any room it graces, becoming the focal point of attention and the go-to spot for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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