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Flat Tech Cafe Table Base - AUTO-ADJUST UR17 (Min. order 4)

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Height 72cm
Base Span 42.5cm
Base Spread 42.5cm
Top Plate Size 33cm
Weight 14Kg
Material Cast Iron / Textured Finish
Max Tabletop Weight 18Kg
Max Tabletop Size 65cm Diameter or 60cm x 60cm
Manufacturer Flat Tech
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Manufacturer: FLAT TECH

The Flat Tech Cafe Table Base is the perfect addition to any commercial space looking to elevate their furniture game.

Measuring 72cm in height and with a base span and spread of 42.5cm, this table base offers stability and durability in a compact package. The top plate of the base measures 33cm and can accommodate table tops up to 65cm in diameter or 60cm x 60cm in size. The maximum weight capacity of the tabletop is 18Kg.

Made from cast iron with a textured finish, the base weighs in at 14Kg, making it easy to move and rearrange as needed. The unique finish of the base adds a touch of sophistication and style to your space, while the sturdy construction ensures that it can handle daily use. With no assembly required, this table base is a hassle-free addition to your furniture collection. Designed and manufactured by Flat Tech, this table base is sure to impress. Whether you're outfitting a hotel, bar, or café, the Flat Tech Cafe Table Base provides the perfect foundation for your tabletop. Commercial project managers, interior designers, and furniture outfitters companies should definitely consider the Flat Tech Cafe Table Base for their next project.

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