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Bar Carts & Trolleys For Every Commercial Setting

At Level, we offer an extensive range of high-quality bar carts and trolleys that are perfect for commercial establishments looking to elevate their beverage service. Our bar carts come in a variety of colours, materials, shapes, and sizes to suit any decor or theme. Whether you're looking for a durable and sturdy aluminium bar cart or a stylish and elegant gold bar trolley, we have everything you need to impress your customers and enhance their overall experience. With our functional and stylish bar carts, you can create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in your commercial space.

Bar Trolleys in Gold, Black, Silver & More

Our selection of bar trolleys comes in various colours to match any decor or theme. Choose from black, gold, silver, and white bar carts to add a touch of elegance to your business. Our black bar trolley is perfect for modern and sophisticated settings, while our gold bar trolley is perfect for high-end and luxurious businesses. If you prefer a sleek and modern look, our silver bar cart is an excellent option. For a clean and classic feel, our white bar cart is a great choice.

Weather Resistant & Durable Aluminium Bar Trolley 

When it comes to selecting a bar trolley, the material is an important factor to consider. For those who prioritize durability and sturdiness, we have a selection of aluminium bar carts that are lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold a variety of items. These carts are perfect for outdoor spaces as they are weather-resistant and easy to clean. If you're looking for something that has a more classic and timeless look, our aluminium bar cart with a beautiful wood tray is a great option for those seeking a blend of durability and elegance. The aluminium frame ensures the cart can withstand the demands of a busy commercial environment, while the wood tray adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. These drinks trolleys are perfect for use in restaurants, cafes, or other commercial establishments where customers want to enjoy a drink while appreciating the ambience.

Rectangular or Round Bar Carts Melbourne

At Level, we understand that every commercial business has different requirements when it comes to the size and shape of their bar trolleys. That's why we offer a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any need. If you're looking for a small bar cart to fit in a compact space, our round bar cart option is perfect for you. For those who need a larger serving space, our rectangular bar carts are perfect for you. Regardless of the size or shape, all of our bar trolleys are designed with functionality and style in mind, making them the perfect addition to any commercial setting. 

At Level, we believe that the perfect bar trolley should not only be for serving food & drinks but also add a touch of elegance to your commercial space. Our range of bar carts and trolleys is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial environment while providing a sophisticated and stylish addition to your decor. With a variety of colours, materials, shapes, and sizes, our selection ensures that you can find the perfect bar cart for your business. Shop now and elevate your commercial space with our premium quality bar carts and trolleys.


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