Designer: Lounge Designgroup The studio, Lounge Design Group, was founded in 2006 in Halle, Germany by partners Alexander Grimm and Ronny Eysser. Working with everything from product design to graphic and interior design, German designers are known for their versatility. “We like to apply our skills in as wide of a variety of areas as possible. When we enter unfamiliar territory, our customers benefit from the fresh perspective we bring paired with our design expertise.” Alexander Grimm and Ronny Eysser have benefitted from a number of successful project collaborations. For instance, with respected European furniture manufacturer TON, created the Rioja barstools and Tolken dining table. The Rioja barstools have been one of their most well-received designs and it is easy to see why. Inspired by the Rioja wine region of Spain, the stool's structure is supposed to suggest the terraced mountains of this Spanish paradise. The Lounge Group, headed by design duo Alexander Grimm and Ronny Eysser, has earned a reputation for modern furniture that so adeptly fits with current trends toward premium natural materials, economy, sustainability and on-trend design and flawless construction. From barstools to dining tables, Lounge Design Group creates beautiful modern things for your modern life.
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