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Avila Cafe Table Base - Chrome

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B125204000 Lead Time: 1 week
Height 72cm
Base Diameter 65cm diagonally
Finish Anodized aluminium finish
Unit Weight 8kg
Maximum Suitable Table Top Size 80x80 Square - 15kg
Assembly Basic assembly required
Tear Sheet ()

Manufacturer: LEVEL

The Avila Cafe Table Base in Chrome is the perfect addition to any restaurant or hotel that wants to upgrade their table bases.

With a height of 72cm and a base diameter of 65cm diagonally, this table base offers stability and durability that is essential for high-traffic commercial settings.

The base is made from anodized aluminum finish, which not only looks sleek and modern but also ensures long-lasting use. The Avila Cafe Table Base is lightweight, weighing only 8kg, which makes it easy to move around when necessary. It is designed to support a maximum suitable tabletop size of 80x80 Square - 15kg, which is perfect for small to medium-sized tables. Basic assembly is required for this table base, but it is easy to set up with all the necessary tools provided. If you are looking for a table base that is practical, modern, and easy to maintain, the Avila Cafe Table Base in Chrome is a great choice.

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