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Restaurant Furniture: How to create a cosy and relaxing environment for food lovers

Setting up a restaurant’s furniture or revamping an existing one involves an exciting journey of making numerous critical decisions.

From your menu, the staff, the interior design, the ambience, and of course, the furniture, each element is integral to your restaurant’s overall experience, with furniture playing a substantial role in establishing your brand image and ensuring customer comfort.

Whether you’re an experienced outfitter or delving into this field for the first time, selecting the perfect furniture for your restaurant requires careful analysis. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify your furniture selection process.

Dining Chair Restaurant Furniture
Elevate your patron’s dining experience with the right Restaurant Furniture

Getting Started: Understand Your Restaurant’s Furniture Concept and Ambiance

Every successful restaurant furnishing journey begins with a clear understanding of your restaurant’s concept and ambience. Your desired theme plays a pivotal role in determining the type of furniture you should invest in. For example, a modern urban diner would require sleek, contemporary furniture, while a country-style bistro would be best suited with rustic, wooden pieces.

Level Business Solutions proudly offers an extensive range of furniture to cater to a multitude of restaurant styles. If you’re looking for an aesthetic that radiates chic simplicity, Bent Design offers minimalist furniture that effortlessly complements a modern setting. Alternatively, for those seeking to capture timeless elegance, the TON collection houses several classic pieces, with every item designed to enhance and complement your restaurant’s aesthetic.

Ironica Dining Chair

The Heart of the Meal: Choosing Dining Tables

The dining table serves as the heart of the restaurant – it’s where your customers gather to relish their meals, engage in conversations, and create lasting memories. It’s essential to select tables that not only align with your restaurant’s style but are also functional and durable.

When choosing dining tables, outfitters should take into consideration the following factors:

  1. Size: The size of your restaurant determines the size and the number of tables it can comfortably accommodate. Large restaurants may benefit from robust and spacious tables like the TON Split Table, renowned for its solid wood structure and modern design. For smaller spaces, compact options like the Bent Design Mimi Dining Table, which does not compromise on style, can be an ideal choice.
  2. Shape: The shape of your tables can significantly impact the flow of traffic and communication between your guests. Round tables facilitate better conversation flow, whereas rectangular or square tables can be easily combined to accommodate larger parties.
  3. Material: The material of your tables should not only align with your restaurant’s theme but also withstand rigorous usage. Solid wood tables, like those from TON, are sturdy and offer a warm aesthetic, while metal tables lend an industrial edge and tend to be highly durable.
  4. Maintenance: Your chosen tables should be easy to clean and maintain. The easier it is to maintain the tables, the more time your staff can dedicate to providing superior service to your guests.
Mimi Dining Table
Mimi Round Dining Table

Ensuring Comfort: Selecting Dining Chairs

Just as important as your tables, if not more, are your dining chairs. Comfortable and attractive seating is vital in any restaurant setting – an uncomfortable chair can turn even the most exceptional dining experience sour.

When selecting dining chairs, outfitters should consider the following factors:

  1. Comfort: Dining is a leisurely activity, and your customers would like to relax while they enjoy their meal. Chairs, like the TON Chair 14, with their bentwood construction, provide both comfort and classic elegance.
  2. Style: The style of your chairs can enhance your restaurant’s aesthetic. Modern restaurants might opt for sleek, minimalist chairs like Bent Design’s Modernist Chair.
  3. Durability: In a commercial setting, durability is crucial. Chairs should be robust and able to withstand daily wear and tear.
  4. Material: The material of your chairs can contribute to your restaurant’s overall vibe – metal chairs can convey a modern, industrial feel, while wooden chairs provide a classic, rustic appeal.
  5. Ease of Cleaning: Like your tables, your chairs should be easy to clean and maintain. Spills are inevitable in a dining setting, so choosing materials that can be easily wiped clean can save your staff a lot of time and effort.
Ironica Dining Chair
Lighten up the ambient with white dining chairs from TON

Creating a Statement: Opting for Modern Dining Tables

Modern dining tables are excellent for making a bold statement. These pieces set the tone of your restaurant, providing an immediate grasp of your establishment’s personality. For instance, the Bent Design Finn Dining Table, with its distinctive pedestal base and compact design, is ideal for modern-themed restaurants or casual dining areas.

Crafting Individuality: Custom Table Bases

For outfitters seeking a unique touch, custom table bases offer a great solution. Customization allows for a distinct dining experience tailored to the restaurant’s specific requirements. Level Business Solutions caters to this need by offering custom table bases that help create an environment that is uniquely yours. Check our range of custom bases and explore your creativity with custom Tables for your project.

  • Stability: A restaurant table must stand firm through countless meals, customer interactions, and regular cleaning. Therefore, the stability of your table base is paramount. Consider bases with a wide footprint for better balance and weight distribution.
  • Adjustable Height: Different restaurant settings might require tables of different heights – a cocktail bar might need high tables, while a family restaurant might call for standard-height tables. An adjustable table base can offer this flexibility, allowing you to cater to various needs and preferences.
  • Material: The material of your table base contributes to both aesthetics and durability. Metal bases, for instance, are sturdy and can bear significant weight. They also lend a modern, industrial edge to your restaurant. On the other hand, wood bases can add a warm, inviting feel but require more maintenance to keep them in top shape.
  • Design: While functionality is critical, the design of your table base should not be overlooked. The right table base can complement your overall decor and even become a conversation starter for your guests. From vintage pedestal designs to sleek, contemporary cross bases, the possibilities are endless.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Much like your tables and chairs, your table bases should be easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel and powder-coated bases are popular choices due to their resistance to rust and scratches.
  • Assembly: Table bases should be easy to assemble and disassemble. This feature is especially crucial for restaurants that need to adjust their layout regularly to accommodate different numbers or sizes of parties.
Check our range of Table Bases to customize your tables

Purchasing restaurant furniture is not merely about choosing the most attractive pieces – it involves selecting items that offer comfort, functionality, and durability, and align with your restaurant’s theme and size. Keep in mind that your furniture is an investment – one that will shape your customers’ dining experience and impact your restaurant’s overall ambience.

Choosing the right dining furniture for your restaurant involves more than just aesthetics. From the dimensions of the dining table to the comfort of the dining chair, each piece plays a critical role in setting the mood and ensuring the comfort of your guests. As an outfitter, knowing what to consider when buying these pieces can greatly ease the selection process. And remember, the furniture you choose will reflect your restaurant’s personality and the experience you wish to offer your customers.

At Level Business Solutions, we are dedicated to making this critical choice easier for you. Register for trade prices, download our catalog, or visit our website to explore our vast collection of quality restaurant furniture. If you need further assistance, our specialized agents are ready to guide you through the selection process. We have a wide range of restaurant furniture for your commercial project.

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